Scandinavian-style interior design

Hello, friends! Today on our blog we’ll talk about Scandinavian style in interior design.

Scandinavian style in design today at the peak of popularity. Light, almost airy interiors with white walls and muted shades of decor sometimes cause contradictory feelings, but leave no one indifferent.

Numerous admirers of the Scandinavian style note its freshness, purity of colors and lines, abundance of light, ecology and functionality. Few opponents criticize him first of all for the fact that he seems boring to them.

Today we will show you that the design of the Scandinavian-style apartment is comfortable, beautiful, fresh, interesting and not boring at all!

A little history.

Back in the 20-30s of the last century in the world began to gain popularity such a style as “Swedish Art Nouveau”, distinguished by functionality and simplicity. The beginning of the triumphal procession of Scandinavian design on the planet was laid in the 50s of the last century in Sweden, and then other Scandinavian countries.

It is believed that the original aesthetics of the Nordic countries is based on two main “whales” – simplicity and functionality. Practical, but at the same time not devoid of romance inhabitants of the North believe that the interiors should be simple, useful and accessible.

And of course, there should be a lot of light in them, because somebody, as not the inhabitants of Scandinavia (as well as the citizens of St. Petersburg), is well aware of the value of sunlight, which is always in short supply, both here and in our neighbors.

The development of the Scandinavian school of design had quite practical roots. In the 1940s, having earned a decent capital on trade agreements with Germany, the neutral Sweden received excellent opportunities for the development of the social state.

The government passed a number of laws that helped form a large middle class and improve the financial situation of poor people. Functional household items were then made available to the general public.

In parallel, the Nordic countries began to develop a certain lifestyle, characterized by democracy, a friendly atmosphere and a lack of deep stratification in society. All this is reflected in the interior design.

Features of Scandinavian design: there is not much light

Even psychologists began to think about the positive impact of Scandinavian design on a person, although the secret of his success is quite simple. By emitting extraordinary lightness, lightness, airiness, naturalness and simplicity, it gives peace and tranquility, gives a feeling of quiet comfort and warmth.

Every detail of Scandinavian interior is comfortable, practical and functional. You will not find here excesses, but any centimeter of space will be used with the maximum convenience, each piece of furniture will settle down on the most successful place for it, and the apartment becomes your most comfortable place for life.

The harmony of the surrounding world and the person is exactly what the interior decorated in Scandinavian style allows to reach. And how nice to come to such a house in the evening, after a hard day, when the lead sky hangs over your head, nature is always frowning and very rarely pleases with its good mood.

For us, the citizens of St. Petersburg, as well as for the residents of neighboring cold Scandinavia, such interiors can be considered as a full-fledged therapy, relieving from depression, fatigue and moping.

Colours, shapes, materials: create space for a comfortable life in all weather

Let’s focus on the main accents that form this attractive and cute to the eye design of the apartment in the Scandinavian style.

Colour. Probably, in any direction of design with such pleasure and delicacy white colour is not used. White and its various shades, diluted with pastel tones (beige, light gray, lettuce, light blue) are the constant basis of the Scandinavian style. It is he who creates this atmosphere of airiness, lightness and freshness.

And it is always possible to dilute the color scale with bright accents. Blue, brown, red or green is perfect for them. Preference is given to natural, natural shades – green needles, autumn leaves, shades of mountain ash or cranberries.

Materials. The key requirement for the materials used to create Scandinavian-style interiors is naturalness. It is this that gives the atmosphere warmth and comfort. Natural wood, ceramics, natural stone, linen, cotton, glass, etc. are among the most honoured. For interior finishing ecological materials are used – water-based paints, wooden board, veneer, natural stone.

Shapes. Minimalism is the main criterion for the external expression of the Scandinavian style. For it smooth transitions of space, natural lines, attraction to simple geometrical forms absence of piles and superfluous details are characteristic for it. Even decorations are carefully dosed and occupy a strictly allotted place.

This approach allows not only to create a harmonious, pleasant for the eyes interior, but also to ensure its maximum functionality and ergonomics. Scandinavian design is created only and exclusively for a man – the comfort of his body and peace of mind.

So, friends, if you like the Scandinavian way of life, you tend to be calm, light, harmony and simplicity – the design of the apartment in the Scandinavian style will be the best reflection of your inner world, character and lifestyle.

Carolina E. Gordon

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