Protecting Your Wood Carving Knife

We have actually all done it. Made use of a sculpting blade to slice the lid of the Donut box open, stood up to respond to the phone with a chisel on our knee only to have it go down onto the floor and also wreck the side. (and afterwards to make it even worse, it was only a telemarketer!) Points like these take place to everyone and then we question why our tools keep getting dull. If we can find out to prevent these points from happening the lifetime of our devices will certainly boost dramatically.

Points that can damage your edges

Sandpaper. Sandpaper is probably the most awful on any side. It includes the exact same Light weight aluminum Oxide or Silicon carbde bits that assist develop the side of your blade to begin with. When you carve a piece that will ultimately need to be fined sand, sculpt it as near to finished as you can without making use of sand paper. After you begin sanding your sculpting, you really can not return to sculpting again. When you sand, you are leaving these sandpaper abrasive particles in as well as on your sculpting which, when you utilize your blade to touch up an area that has been sanded will abrade versus the side, hence dulling it.

Other tools. These tools most often have actually undergone a comprehensive Warm treating procedure to obtain them hard. When they bang against each other they will certainly obtain plain.

Misuse of your devices. I have actually done this myself. I’ve gotten to the point where I can begin sanding my carving and also used my carving blade to … yes, slice the sandpaper into smaller items. Do not do it. Have a junk blade to do this.

The table or bench. Devices roll off or obtain pushed off the table and onto the flooring. (that darn pet cat!).

Put your blades on a tray with rubber cabinet liner glued to the bottom to maintain your tray from sliding. I purchased my lining at Home Depot for $2.50 a 6 ft. roll.

Don’t …

Shop your knives and chisels with each other in the exact same compartment. You ought to have an area for each and every private tool. When you store these tools in the exact same area the hard steel of these tools bang with each other as you are walking to the car after the carving club conference and get dull.

Shop sandpaper with your blades, put your sandpaper in a separate container. Those particles fall out right into your bag or box and also abrade your devices.

Do …

Have a scrap knife in your bag. Use this knife to slice your sandpaper, reduced open the extremely glue or scape the paint from your finger nails.

Put your tools back on or in position that avoid them from rolling off the table or right into each other.

Keep a sheath on your tools. If you do this, you can store your devices together.

Sheaths- I have actually seen a lot of services.

You can make use of red wine corks for your blades as well as knives.

Woodcarving Illustrated has had tasks to sculpt your very own sheaths in the shape of thumbs, ducks etc.

Styrofoam- Simply cut a block much longer than your blade as well as stick it in.

FoamCore- Most likely to your regional picture and request some foamcore cut offs. It is a styrene sheet with paper on both sides. It also is available in colors. You after that can cut it to fit your tools.

Natural leather – glue up an item of leather to wrap around your blade.

Phonebook – I saw a lady at a program that rolled up a phone book and taped it with each other to stick her knife blades right into the end between the pages.

Most of us made the effort to find out exactly how to get a razors edge on our devices, now allow’s safeguard them! Choeck out the knives reviewed at

Carolina E. Gordon

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