Cafe Design

The restaurant is, first of all, the atmosphere. People come here to rest and relax, enjoy delicious and beautifully served food, celebrate an important event. The design of the restaurant is one of the most important elements that creates this atmosphere.

The design of the restaurant is obliged to correspond to the spirit of the institution. It should be ergonomic and conceptual, emphasizing the peculiarity of a particular place.

For this purpose, there must be an idea around which the positioning of the institution is built. There are several factors that can be used as a starting point for the design of a cafe or restaurant.

Kitchen. If the restaurant positions itself as a French or Italian restaurant, the interior and exterior may hint at this. Elektki in the design can be from 10 to 15 percent. In the development of design it is necessary to avoid “cranberries” – stereotypical ideas about the country.

Target audience of the restaurant. Who is your restaurant for? Who do you see as your customers? Interior design for a fashionable bar and for a hipster cafe will be very different from each other. The purpose of restaurant design is to emphasize the peculiarities. The guest should come once and want to stay.

Facility’s location. Restaurants near the sea or overlooking it require light weightless design. In the historical center of the city and beautiful ancient buildings the interior in the style of retro coffee houses looks great.

In the middle of the business center of the city cafes and restaurants are cozy and laconic. Successfully beat the building – talent. In the sleeping area you can make a great bar, which will help you escape from the bustle of everyday life and emphasize the peace of this place.

An idea. Sometimes the design is needed for a place that is already at the stage of conception is something special. For example, a coffee shop that specializes in non-standard ways of making coffee, a cafe with a very narrow range (for example, only eclairs or cappuccino + coffee), a restaurant with street food.

Errors in selecting a restaurant and cafe design concept

Under-ceiling communications or open-air ceilings. Leave the air duct, fire extinguisher wiring and other pipes on the ceiling and do not hide them. This solution is still popular and is found everywhere.

Leaving communications is not recommended, despite the fact that it is much cheaper. Such a ceiling is not aesthetic, it is very rare that it plays in plus the interior design of the restaurant as a whole.

Copying the interior or interior of a popular institution, in order to achieve similar success. Consumers are not so easy to deceive and they see a trick from afar. Become popular with the help of such a maneuver, most likely will not work out, and the restaurant will remain a second-rate copy, another cliché.

Too much decor and additional accessories clutter the space. Dust accumulates in them, such interiors are difficult to clean. People get tired of the abundance of objects pretty quickly. Also, this decor often prevents you from moving around, as visitors touch it when you move.

Fake graffiti and inscriptions on the walls, pseudo-brick masonry, which turns out to be wallpaper – an unsuccessful approach to interior design of the restaurant. Facility’s grandeur should be emphasized not by imitation, but by qualitative realization. You can call street artists to create graffiti. A real brickwork will look much better than a fake one.

Quality. The main problem can be not even an element of decoration, but a non-professional approach to the work as a whole. It is necessary to be attentive to details, carefully prescribe the ToR and estimate, to break down into stages the process, to appoint responsible for each stage. It will help to make the project as much as possible qualitatively.

Convenience. Space is an important factor in the design of a cafe or restaurant. The aisle between tables should be wide enough for two people to warm up freely.

To this point, we can add summer playgrounds and a tradition that lives in Ukraine: to build monumental terraces that interfere with the passage of people and capture public spaces.

The summer terrace is made up of tables and chairs, not wood and plastic canopies. This approach is correct and widespread in the civilized world.

Trends in the design of restaurants, bars and cafes

Fashionable interior design is a very fleeting concept. Trends may change once a quarter (abroad). Therefore, choosing the concept for the institution, it is recommended to be based not only on the latest fashion trends, but also on the general idea of a cafe or restaurant. Each place is different cuisine, approaches to business, people who work there and the design only helps to emphasize these chips.

Recently, natural materials and industrial motifs prevail in interior decoration. Fashion for simplicity and light roughness has brought negligence in technical execution, which is difficult to write off on the original idea.

Brooklyn style in the design of restaurants, bars and cafes is chosen for its cheapness and simplicity. However, for the same price you can make a design in a different style, which will not be worse. Now they gradually depart from this style and pay attention to new trends.

Another trend of the last years in restaurant design are halls with common tables and minimum partitions, secluded places, especially bars. Someone finds advantages in this, because people come to the bar to communicate.

Not everyone likes these techniques. Many people refuse them and do not even consider the possibility of decorating the design of the restaurant in this style.

Recent years have brought more air, replacing the heavy interiors with the philosophy of “cozy”, “all and more” come fresher and simpler, with a minimum of decor and maximum light. For the minimalist design of a cafe, bar or restaurant, quality furniture and decoration is especially important.

Sometimes the interior is built around one idea. For example, in the fashionable London art bar “The East Bar” the design is tied on the wall – a huge coloring and chandelier that lets glare on the walls.

Another important trend in interior design of cafes and restaurants is the return of color. Purple, lavender, mint, plum, coral and blue-green shades. Designers are very happy about it, as they are a little tired of pastel, beige, nude and black and white tones.

The interior design of bars and restaurants is influenced by contemporary art. Not only galleries with trendy artists, but also popular culture. Many designers draw inspiration from the younger generation, because today it is teenagers who create trends.

Art objects also return to the interior. Pictures, panels, sculptures – now they can be found more often. The combination of styles and eras is popular. The fashionable trend was the collaboration of futuristic forms with the traditional solution of planes. For example, the ultra-modern design of sofas in combination with classical molding.

Everything is interconnected and the interior design of restaurants is no exception. Here too, you can do everything and rules, in fact, no. The main thing is to do the work masterfully, on the conscience, to feel the atmosphere of the place and the spirit of the time. This decision is the right one for a quality result – a restaurant where you want to go back.

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