“We need to gather behind democracy and equality"

Tuesday 30th, November 1999

The attack against our friends of AUF, Norway, is a true tragedy. Today we have
received the news that more than 80 of the comrades of AUF were killed. It is
unbelievably sad. more ...

Tragedy at summer camp of AUF Norway

Friday 22nd, July 2011

A tragedy has taken place at the Summer Camp of our Friends of AUF, Norway. A person dressed as a police officer open fired at the AUF Summer Camp in the early evening, today, the 22th of July 2011. Several of our comrades have been shot .The Chair of AUF, Eskil Pedersen as well Ida Spjelkevik, International Secretary, are ok.
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Our most sincere condolences

Monday 11th, July 2011

We are very sorry to hear about the death of our comrade Eran Schaferman, IUSY Vice-President. We would like to express our most sincere condolences to his family and to his organization Young Labour Leadership of Israel. It is without a doubt the lost of a great person and a big lost for the international socialist and social democratic movement.