The main political document of ECOSY is ECOSY Position Paper. It is debated at each Congress. It is composed of Declaration of Principles and Policy Paper. Last Congress, held in March/April 2007 in Warsaw, Poland adopted the new position paper under the title of "Our future for Europe".

Alongside to the Position Paper, Congress also votes on the Congress Resolutions and Declarations.

In the period in between Congresses, it is ECOSY Bureau who determines ECOSY policy in the framework outlined by the ECOSY Position Paper. To update the positions and/or to elaborate them in details, ECOSY Bureau adopts ECOSY Bureau Resolutions and Declarations. They can be drafted both by the Member Organizations and by the Presidium Members (within their respective portfolios).

Once the situation requires so, ECOSY Presidium can also present a statement, press release or an answer that concerns a particular political question or happening.

Last, but not least, every ECOSY event can be finalised with a final declaration. The declarations are elaborated in a spirit of consensus and being an outcome of a particular activity they have no binding power towards ECOSY bodies.