SSF Congress

Swedish Social Democratic Students Congress was held in Malmö on the 10.-12.6. ECOSY President Kaisa Penny addressed the Congress on saturday bringing ECOSY greetings. In her address Kaisa talked about the risks that the current economic crises pose on young generation.

"Unless we find solutions for the rising youth unemployment, and the social exclusion and insecurity that follow, we will risk long term damage to our societies. It is not only this, but also the rising intolerance, xenophobia and euroscepticism that follow the economic and social crises and threaten the welfare of all. It is the task for our generation to propose real alternatives for the current system and way of doing politics, that has shown its weaknesses and inability to respond to the problems effectively".

SSF Congress elected Magnus Nilsson to continue as the President and Axel Lindersson as the Secretary General, both pictured here with international guests at Congress.